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Real-time Vehicle Data for safer traffic


    About Flister    

Keep people safe in traffic is what we do.


Already a decade ago we saw that upfront warnings would add substantial value to make traffic safer.


So, first we developed the Flister FM Early Warning - system; a mobile Radio FM device for ambulances that interrupts car-radios. 


Then, we created the Flister-platform for real-time location data of emergency- and safety vehicles. We collect data through our in-car systems, partners or the Flister PRO-app. We enrich these data and share it with traffic apps, navigation devices and car manufacturers.


This way, we now guide thousands of emergency services through traffic fluently. Next to that, we inform car-drivers for upcoming roadworks, where the lives of professional are at stake.



Flister PRO App

With the FLISTER PRO app, professionals on the road can make themselves visible in traffic information: real-time! The app can be found in the app-stores. Just send us your request via flister@flister.nl and we will provide your personal credentials and instructions. 

Flister PRO

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In-app warning for car-driver

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    Services & Partners   



We keep professionals and equipment safe through real-time warning for upcoming roadworks.



Our data and platform is used in multiple 'Smart Mobility' - projects 

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Emergency Services


Fast approaching ambulances; we help car-drivers to give way fluently. This results in less stress and shorter driving times. ,

Flister for road-works


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FLISTER - How It Works


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